Restorative and Cosmetic 


Crown & Bridge Dentistry


While porcelain veneers offer dazzling aesthetic results, they require adequate remaining tooth structure for their support. With a minor loss in cosmetic appeal, porcelain fused to metal crowns offer greater strength and durability than veneers. These restorations are stationary and are customarily indicated for teeth that have sustained significant loss of structure, or for the replacement of missing teeth. Crowns and bridges may be placed on natural teeth or dental implants. 




Advances in modern dental care offer more patients alternatives to losing

all or most of their teeth.However, full or partial dentures are still an available

option in treating dental conditions ravaged by extensive periodontal

disease or tooth decay. Full dentures are not as functional as a healthy

dentition, but may provide dynamic aesthetic results.


Aesthetic Recontouring


In some instances, simple reshaping of the front teeth may produce a

dramatic result to correct jagged, chipped or slightly uneven teeth. 


Porcelain Veneers


Dynamic results can usually be achieved within a week or 10 days to correct

somewhat misaligned, broken, discolored or misshapen teeth. Veneers are

quite suitable as an alternative to minor orthodontics, but not recommended in

cases of severe crowding, misalignment of teeth or malocclusions. Customarily,

veneers are preferable to full crowns when there is adequate remaining tooth

structure to support the restoration. The approach requires less reduction of

healthy tooth structure than full crowns, without compromising the periodontal

health. It is a blend of art and science that enables a sensational effect. 

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