Personalized Medicine to Restore Balance to the Body

Dr. Moy is one of the first dentists in the world certified in Clinical Endobiogeny, a fellow of American Society of Endobiogeny, and a member of American Academy of Cranial Osteopathy. She is trained as a Biological Dentist and is currently becoming board certified as a Naturopathic Physician. This unique education allows Dr. Moy to look at the body as a whole rather than simply in pieces. 

What is Endobiogeny? 


Endobiogeny is a philosophy of medicine that assesses how the internal (endo-) life (bio-) of the body is generated and sustained (-geny). It is a systematic approach to understanding how the body works, why an individual person becomes ill, and how the body can be returned to a state of balance. This concept was originated by a French physician, Dr. Christian Duraffourd, MD, and continues to be developed and taught by Drs. Jean-Claude Lapraz, MD and Kamyar Hedayat, MD.

How does Endobiogeny work? 


The practice of Endobiogeny is a whole-system approach to healing that views imbalances as originally helpful reactions that become disregulated over time—not as an enemy to control or suppress.  Endobiogeny looks at structure and function along with many subtle aspects. Endobiogeny considers the endocrine system to be the "global manager of the body". The endocrine system is complicated and traditional blood work does not allow for relationships between the organs and systems to tell us a complete story about our physiology.  

Using a regular CBC with differential blood test, which is approximately 17 different biomarkers on average, and the Endobiogenic tool called the Biology of Functions is used to calculate ratios, evaluate quantitative as well as qualitative function, and give a much more robust understanding to the interrelatedness of our systems.  i.e., thyroid values can now be matched with adrenal and pituitary functions, so that we are not just seeing stand-alone measures, but rather these systems relationships with each other.  Answering the question of how are these systems function with each other, and what is the priority system to work with first. Complementary medicine seeks to work with and not against the standard biomedical approach. 

Once identified, most imbalances can be treated with 3 simple approaches:

  • Diet, Detoxification and Drainage

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Medicinal plants

The relationship between various hormones and particular biomarkers is a long and well-established fact based on modern physiology and scientific method.

In many cases, prescription medications can be reduced or eliminated if your imbalances are not severe, if you follow our recommendations, and in consultation with your regular doctor.

Often we find that medicinal plants are very effective in treating imbalances in the body. The reason for this is because plants contain multiple active compounds that compliment each other in treating the whole person. For example, olive leaf can be used to treat all the imbalances in metabolic syndrome, which is associated with obesity and heart disease. It detoxifies the liver, reduces cholesterol, balances blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and is calming to the nerves.

With Dr. Moy's unique overview of the body from head to toe, every patient receives a unique treatment plan tailored to who they are, not based on a disease name. 

To request an appointment please contact our office to schedule your consultation. 

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