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My children have been seeing Dr. Moy for 2 years to have their palates expanded and their teeth straightened using the ALF appliance.  We have been very pleased with the results! Both children have nice wide smiles and straighter teeth now. 

Even though my children were 15 and 16 years old, Dr. Moy took them on and began working with them using the ALF. 
Along with an open airway, wide jaws and straight teeth, both children have beautiful profiles now too!  When formerly, you could see their lower jaws were pushed in--not growing out properly--probably as a result of the first phase of traditional braces, their lower jaws are now positioned properly below the upper jaw.

I highly recommend Dr. Mona Moy as a first visit for dentistry and other health concerns--she just might be able to help you!  Her fees are reasonable, as well, in fact, the lowest of the 5 other dentists I spoke with.  We drive from San Jose to see her.  She's worth it!

~ Kristen C. 

Well the first thing I must say is that I travel from SF to the East Bay, she is that good! I hated dentists and would put it off until pain drove me to the chair, now I never skip a visit. Her manner is very clear and concise, direct but not harsh. 

~ Cesar R. 

Finding Dr. Mona Moy has been an utter relief for me and my dental hygiene. She fulfills some lost figement of a memory where I am well attended to and well cared for. She and her staff took special care to my lapsed dental state and have seen me back to toothy grace. Dr. Moy scheduled me very comfortably: I neither had to wait for her nor did I have to hurry my way out the door. Dr. Moy distinguishes herself at every turn. ~ Antonio I.


One doesn't normally associate a dental visit with a pleasant experience, but at Dr. Moys office, I had just that. the staff is very friendly and easy to talk to, and the Dr. and her assistants were gentle during the cleaning, as well as the crown. Everyone in the office has a really good attitude and great sense of humor. I actually look forward to my next cleaning!!! ~ Matt T.


Dr Moy and her staff are great. I'm very happy with the way I was treated. If you need a denist I highly recommed Dr. Moy. ~ Pati D 

I always feel conditions and options are explained discussed to enable me to fully understand the causes and treatments available. I appreciate the candiness of Dr. Moy ~ Lori K.


Dr. Moy seems to be meticulous and a perfectionist.She explains in detail my treatment plan which helps me a lot with my decision. ~ Malou G. 


Dr. Moy is the best dentist I have ever seen in 30+ years of dreading dental appointments. Thorough, gentle and knowledgeable, she really cares about her patients and it shows. Friendly and professional staff are icing on the sugar-free cake. ~ Evelyn B.


I would like to thank Dr. Moy and her staff for being flexible, my schedule is quite difficult and they were able to re-arrange their schedules to help me accomplish my dental care. thanks so much. ~ Jeffery J. 


This is the first time I've enjoyed a dental visit. Dr. Moy is lovely and straight to the point. I like that. Lupin has the best personality and Ariana is just as wonderful. Seriously, the visit was just absolutely pleasant. Dr. Moy understands the fears of her patients and makes them feel at easy. I love this place and I am afraid of the dentist.

~ Marie G. 

Dr. Mona Moy, D.D.S, an experienced, smart, conscientious, and extremely skilled dentist in Oakland. She is the most holistic dentist I have ever met--actively involved in figuring out not only how multiple aspects of her patients' medical history and current medical issues may affect their dental problems, but concerned as well with all aspects of her patients' well being. 

~Lynda K. 

Mona Moy DDS   /   2220 Mountain Blvd #205 / Oakland CA 94611 / 510.482.2799

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