What We Do


Whether you need a checkup and cleaning, have an ache that won't go away, or are looking for a smile makeover through cosmetic dentistry; you can be confident in our many years of experience in teeth whitening, veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, composite fillings, inlays, onlays and everything needed to give you a smile you will be proud to show.


Dr. Moy's whole-body, health centered approach to dentistry provides personalized care for children and adults alike.    

Our Services


 - Integrative Family Dentistry

 - Preventive Dental Treatment and Education 

 - Low Radiation Digital X-rays

 - Safe Amalgam Removal

 - Mercury & Metal Free Restorations

 - Childrens Cleanings and Exams

 - Extractions

 - Sleep Apnea Therapy

 - TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

 - Advanced Cosmetic Restorations

 - Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures




 - Full Mouth Restorations

 - Laser Whitening

 - Functional Orthodontics 

 - ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals)

 - Myofunctional Therapy

 - Buteyko Breathing Method

 - Invisalign

 - Retainers

 - Night Guards

 - Endobiogeny

 - Hormone Balancing and Nutritional Support


Mona Moy DDS   /   2220 Mountain Blvd #205 / Oakland CA 94611 / 510.482.2799

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